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Our Process

Welcome to the Digital Confectionary! We are thrilled that you would like to work with us and we aim to make this an enjoyable experience for you and your company every step of the way, starting from the initial meeting to the project delivery.  See below to see how:

Step 1: The First Meeting


After you send a message to us here at the Confectionary via the contact page one of us will promptly return it. Firstly to say hello, and also a great big thank you! We always love a new project. Please be prepared to answer a few basic questions to help us get started on some preliminary research and to set the date and time for a tea or coffee. If you are not in the Calgary vicinity, well, it is an Internet age! We would be happy to arrange having a meeting via Skype or telephone.


Arrange a meeting by leaving a 

message on our contact page.

Et Voila! You have now started your Confetti Design experience. Before you know it you will be discussing colours, goals, users/audiences, content, context, confetti, sprinkles, and all the nice things on top with a friendly creative director from the CDDC.

Step 2: Research, Idea
Generation, and Testing

After the preliminary meeting, where we discussed the perfect formula, we start the process. Mixing into a melting pot of explosive ideas we add research, design, technology and a whole lot of creativity to bring ideas to life and ready to present to you.

Step 3: The Review

Step 3: Perfecting the Concoction

We try to limit ourselves to presenting to you just 3 different formulations generated from our collected research.


From the feedback you provide we will re-design and re-concoct the golden concoction while staying well connected with you throughout the process at set milestones. 

This is where the CDDC team takes all of your feedback and goals and together using each of our personal strengths build the golden concoction. You can count on us working hard and some blood, sweat, and tears being included. Quality is never compromised. Before the final delivery of the project we show you our end result and are happy to make some final changes. 

Step 4: Project Delivery

 And Ta-da!! The Golden Delivery! We hope you will be thrilled with the end result! 

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